Fiscal Year 2021 was unlike any other due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As administrators routinely altered school protocols to address the ever-changing obstacles, pp电子的学生, 员工和家属们也凑了过来, 互相适应,互相照顾.

The financial support we received for both our emergency and traditional needs enabled the leadership to create policies and programs to keep our community safe while also delivering on our mission.

We've outlined here your philanthropic impact on pp电子平台 in this past year. The financial achievements noted make pp电子 strong and nimble, allowing us to approach the future with confidence and renewed energy. We thank all our donors, large and small, for your generosity during those difficult days.



“Last year, I took Journalism and Memoir Writing. Both allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and use skills that hopefully will follow me to college. I attend Lehigh University now and play men's basketball.”



“I challenged myself by taking AP Biology last year. It was by far the hardest class I’ve taken in my life, but that made it that much better. 这门课很有挑战性, but rewarding with the huge amount of knowledge and studying/classroom skills it taught me.”



“As a two-day option last fall, I participated in crew. I had never heard of rowing nor had done crew, and I always wondered what it felt like to row and be out on the water. The team was incredibly welcoming and watching the sunset on the lake was beautiful.”



“A highlight last year was getting an award at the annual BOSMUN Model UN conference. I represented Hungary in the DISEC on the topic of nuclear proliferation and it was amazing to gain insight into present-day international political topics.”


谢谢你! to all members of the pp电子 community who made a contribution to the 2020-2021 pp电子基金.

From a record 给一天 to a memorable Appreciation Week, the community contributed more than $2.417 million to the pp电子基金 and provided an immediate impact on our program. 

Our Essential Stewards supported the school with gifts of $10,000及以上, while the members of the class of 2021 generously made their first donations to the school.

Every gift is appreciated and we extend our thanks to all who made the choice to support pp电子 last year.  



We surpassed the endowment milestone of $100 million at the close of the 2020-2021 academic year, 作为pp电子的官方, 年终总计101美元,945,745. This is quite an accomplishment for our school and a credit to the commitment of our donors and thoughtful investment policies.

From faculty chairs and professional development to financial aid and program support, the endowment impacts the daily experience of every student and faculty member at pp电子. Last year, the endowment provided almost $3.5 million of support to the operating budget, which is about 15 percent of the total budget. A strong endowment is the foundation for future planning and an area of vital importance for pp电子 going forward.

One of the hallmarks of pp电子平台 is our deep commitment to our community — both on campus and off. 这是独一无二的一年, pp电子校友, 父母, faculty and friends volunteered in ways above and beyond the norm. We are grateful to the 450-plus members of this community who donated their time to pp电子 during the 2020-2021 year. 

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We are also deeply grateful to those who collectively donated $6,770,983 to the pp电子基金 and other capital 倡议 2021财年. We could not operate our school without it. 谢谢你!. 去见pp电子所有的资助人, please click on the lists below and view various categories of pp电子 supporters.