2月7日, more than 100 pp电子 employees attended a professional development session with child resilience expert 3月ia Trozzi, M. Ed., to discuss how the pp电子 community can best support each other during times of crisis. 

特罗齐——全国知名的创始人 好悲伤的程序 他是波士顿医疗中心的一名医生,也是《pp电子平台》一书的作者 — 分享了她的建议,pp电子将其中一些汇编成 做和不做指导 供大家下载和讨论. 希望对大家有所帮助.


在校园 1月21日晚上.


pp电子平台 does not normally suspend classes during snowstorms or other extreme weather conditions. Day student families are asked to make their own decision about the safety of travel and to notify the school in cases of absence due to weather conditions. A student who is unable to travel to school due to weather conditions will be able to join class virtually in these circumstances. 同样的, a teacher who is unable to travel to campus for class will be able to hold a virtual class, 并将这个决定直接传达给学生.

冬季学期 相册里都是很棒的照片! 不知道学生们在这节特别课上都做了些什么? 偷偷看一看画廊.

校园里的假日服务非常棒, 包括室内管弦乐队和音乐会的合唱表演, 12月. 16. 看到 庆祝活动的照片和视频.

Prior to Winter Break, pp电子 musicians treated the campus community to a couple of concerts:


Winterfest, 12月7日:



如欲查阅以往的通讯,请浏览pp电子的 父母简报档案. 如果你没有收到简报, 让pp电子知道


很高兴看到所有人都亲自加入pp电子 家庭周末 10月22日和23日. 完整的相册可在 brooksschoolphotos.com.


约翰·帕卡德发表了他的年度报告 学校地址 10月23日在艺术中心.

阅读11月19日的社区信 所有学校负责人的通讯都在pp电子的网站上 致父母的信 页面.

COVID-19校园规则 & 客人的指导方针
pp电子是一个接种疫苗的社区. Protocols are subject to change, so please refer to this COVID-19 页面 for updates. 

The pp电子平台 store 在校园 has been revamped with a new look and fresh inventory — opening soon!
在线商店 现在打开:查看: brooksschoolstore.com!


四个视角,为视角,为pp电子“展览于今日开幕,下午6点至8点举行艺术家招待会.m. 在画廊 罗伯特·雷曼艺术中心. The exhibit is a collaborative show of works from four members of the pp电子平台 艺术 Faculty: Lynn McLoughlin, 陶瓷作品, 马克斯·内格尔, 摄影, 索尼娅内格尔, 水彩绘画, 和Babs Wheelden混合媒体. 每位教学艺术家都将收藏近期的作品, 分享他们独特的观点,努力重新连接, 团聚并共同分享创作和观察艺术的力量. 该展览将持续到4月25日.

宾夕法尼亚大学教授, 作家和民权运动的积极分子, 性别平等与社会正义. 玛丽·弗朗西丝·贝里将在一个特别的客座讲座中给学生们演讲. More information about Berry - who is a fellow of the Society of American Historians and of the National Academy of Public Administration, as well as a distinguished fellow of the American Society for Legal History - can be found 在这里.

pp电子平台 will celebrate the scholastic achievement of students welcomed into the Cum Laude Society with a short ceremony, 包括地址和证书颁发.

成立于1906年, the Cum Laude Society is dedicated to honoring scholastic achievement in secondary schools.

pp电子平台校友 and parents are invited to meet with and hear from Head of School John Packard H'87, P'18, 洛杉矶的P'21. 招待会将由85年受托人阿尔·乌齐利和他的妻子主持, Kimm, 在他们比佛利山庄的家中. 访问pp电子的洛杉矶接待页面注册参加. pp电子期待着见到你!

毕业开始! Students in all classes are honored today for their special accomplishments during pp电子平台's annual event kicking off 毕业典礼的周末 在校园.

毕业快乐! 欢迎学生和家庭前来庆祝 毕业典礼的周末 还有颁发文凭和六年级的奖项, following the Senior Pinning Breakfast and Sixth-Form 教堂 Service (at 9:30 a.m.).

校友 with graduating years ending in 2 and 7 - as well as alumni in class years ending 0, 1, 5 and 6 whose reunions were interrupted by the pandemic - are invited to celebrate reunion 在校园! 请 访问校友周末页面注册和加入乐趣, view the schedule of events 小君e 10 and 小君e 11, see who's coming and more!

我在哪里可以找到 ...?



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